The Royal Canadian Regiment Honour Roll


The Royal Canadian Regiment Association engaged Blue Rhino Design to develop a digital Roll of Honour for the regiment and its perpetuated units. On Friday, January 31 at The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, we uncrated the 43" Ideum Multitouch Table and tested a beta version of the Honour Roll software.


Collingwood Museum Redesign


On Friday, January 26, Blue Rhino Design drove to Collingwood for a meeting at the Collingwood Museum with Museum Supervisor Susan Warner and Museum Assistant Melissa Shaw. The meeting was the first step in a 3-year phased design-build project where Blue Rhino Design will redesign the museum's main gallery space.


Eaton's Goes To War


With First World War-era music provided by a live band, the "Eaton's Goes to War" exhibition at MacKenzie House in Toronto opened on September 21, 2017. Blue Rhino Design's Niina Gates-Kass designed graphics for the exhibition including the centrepiece 30-foot wide mural that features the faces of over 2,000 Eaton's employees who went to war for Canada.


Grey Roots Museum and Archives Main Gallery Redesign


Blue Rhino Design travelled to the Grey Roots Museum and Archives in Owen Sound, Ontario to kick off the museum's main gallery redesign project. We had a great meeting with Museum Manager Petal Furness and Sharon Vokes, retired Clerk/Director of Council Services for Grey County where we explored various approaches to the redesign of the main gallery.