The Royal Canadian Regiment Honour Roll

About two years ago, Blue Rhino Design was hired by The Royal Canadian Regiment Association to develop a digital Roll of Honour that included not just member of The Royal Canadian Regiment but also members of perpetuated units and amalgamated regiments. For each of the 4,194 soldiers in the expanded RCR Roll of Honour, the data from Veterans Affairs Canada had to be reconciled with historical research conducted by former regimental adjudant Captain Michael O'Leary. Where the Veterans Affairs data did not agree with Captain O'Leary's research original historical documents had to be consulted. The fruits of this time consumeing and painstaking work is a historically accurate testimonial to the sacrifices made by members of The Royal Canadian Regiment, its perpetuated units and almalgameted regiments. The honour roll software is in beta form right now and will undergo user testing which will inform the final version of the user interface.