We combine science, art and technology to create one-of-a-kind interactive experiences

Creative. Collaborative. Artistic. Responsive. Imaginative. Talented people unfettered by traditional constraints bring dreams alive.

Our creative energy emerges out of the dynamic interplay of eclectic, diverse, talented individuals who truly enjoy working with each other. Together with our extended network of talented researchers, writers, artists, designers and fabricators, we have the agility to take on any project.

Meet the people of Blue Rhino Design:

Aylin Doyle, Co-founder / Exhibition Designer

A true museum lover, mother, design thinker, wanna be anthropologist, wife, connection maker, slow city follower. I started working on exhibit designs in university. I was very taken by exploring ways of communicating and discovering ideas that change my way of thinking. Moved to Canada after originating Turkey’s first Science Centre project and worked as a Senior Exhibition Designer at the Ontario Science Centre for a long time. Later designed exhibitions for science centres, museums and children’s museums all over the world. Still making connections and looking for ideas to change...

Contact Aylin at +1-416-890-2423

Steve Karpik, PhD, Co-founder / Digital Guru

Eclectic. That’s probably the best way to describe me. I’m a mathematician, physicist, astrophysicist, computer scientist, and UX specialist. I have worked as a micrometeorologist, climatologist, professor, web designer and exhibit developer. My work at Blue Rhino Design focuses on the convergence of design, music, multimedia and technology with application to education, communication, and entertainment. I love cats, and have a passion for high performance athletics, volunteering my time coaching cyclists from beginners to the world’s best.

Contact Steve at +1-647-228-9883

Doris Liang, China Representative

Hands-on, curiosity, exploration, imagination are words that inspire and excite me. The questions of how we can unlock the potential of kids and how we can empower our next generation to create a better future are for me always top of mind. My favorite thing to do is to travel around the world to visit the greatest children museums and science centers. With a background in urban design, I worked as a commercial property development consultant for over ten years in China. As Blue Rhino Design’s China representative, I dedicate myself to bringing the best learn-through-play experiences for children to my home country of China.

Contact Doris at +86 138 2616 7183
WeChat ID: brdchina

Merve Ergun, Interior Designer / Scenographer

After completing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Interior Design in Ankara and Milan respectively, I have worked widely on projects where I created narrative architectures for museums, exhibitions, heritage centres, science centres and trade fairs. My experience at the Politecnioco di Milano was particularly formative for me as a designer having had the opportunity to take workshops with renowned Italian designers and architects like Michele de Lucchi, Andrea Branzi among others.

Contact Merve at merve@BlueRhinoDesign.com


Kimberly Moynahan, Writer and Researcher

Every organization has a voice – a mood it wants to impart, an audience it wants to reach. My job as a writer is to make sure that that voice is true and consistent. I have over 20 years of freelance commercial and creative non-fiction writing experience including interpretive writing, exhibit copy, web content, marketing copy, and educational material. My work has been published in Scientific American’s Best Science Writing Online 2012 and “WOLVES Magazine.” I blog on natural history, science, and other topics through my blog, Endless Forms Most Beautiful (kimberlymoynahan.com) and write essays, articles and commentary for science and nature organizations and websites.

Contact Kimberly at kimberly@BlueRhinoDesign.com

Devon Hamilton, PhD, Content Specialist

I am passionate about learning – both my own, and everyone else’s. Through almost 20 years of experience in science centres one of the most essential lessons I have learned is that everything we do is part of a conversation – a conversation that takes place in different media, and at different times - but there is always that shared communication. If done correctly, that conversation leads to learning and growth on both sides. I’ve been fortunate to work with a range of incredible and talented people – both within the museum world and beyond. I’ve worked with and led teams that have developed exhibitions, school and public programs, workshops, live demonstrations, planetarium shows, makerspaces, outdoor play parks – and even helped transform a library lobby into a fire station, complete with a truck. Throughout my career, I have found myself drawn to how people engage – how they learn in an informal environment and the role that "play" has in fostering those deeper engagements and learning. I am always looking for those opportunities to play, learn and share… and dance outrageously while wearing a goofy hat.

Contact Devon at +1-403-620-6945

Miriam Harris, MA, Art Conservator

Imbedded in me there is a passion for materials, craft and the science behind artifacts – this is what inspires me in my work as an art conservator. I also deeply enjoy working with people as they develop connections with their objects. My role on the team is to anticipate the needs of artifacts and then problem solve in order to develop sensitive, safe and long-lasting handling and display solutions to support them. Whether it’s treating artifacts or helping others learn how to take care of their collections, the goal is to provide the art with a stable setting while sensitively helping it tell its story – that to me is full artifact health … and happiness!

Contact Miriam at miriamharris@sympatico.ca