Building Connections

Saskatchewan Science Centre


Regina, Saskatchewan






2,500 sq. ft.


Show Time Exhibitions


2016 Winner of Canadian Association of Science Centre’s, CASCADE Award for Best Exhibit or Show – Small Institution.

Blue Rhino Design was engaged in 2014-2015 by the Saskatchewan Science Centre (SSC) to meet a unique challenge: Create a new exhibition that would explore the science of homebuilding and the importance of communities while incorporating a strong message on energy production, consumption, and conservation.  

Rising to the challenge Blue Rhino Design developed ten fun and friendly interactive exhibit clusters to create a cohesive mix of leading-edge building technologies, power generation, and sustainable communities.

Just like the construction site and community that it’s modeled after, “Building Connections” buzzes with activity.  The main attraction is a 200 square-foot scale model home under-construction. Here children can erect brick walls, use a conveyer to send tiles to the roof, and explore the pipes and cables inside walls – all while learning about energy conservation and sustainability. 

Harnessing that collective energy is the popular human-driven “hamster wheel” – a full immersion activity that shows just what it takes to power today’s technology and appliances. Meanwhile, “Beams and Trusses” lets visitors put their creative talents to work and “What Do You Know?” challenges them to test their knowledge against their friends in a competitive digital game.

But Building Connections is not just about construction. “Found Sound”, “What Do You See Out Your Window?” and “Creating Communities” evoke contemplation, reminding visitors that a community is more than a collection of houses; it is the people and the quality of their lives.

Offering multiple entry points for people of all ages and abilities, Building Connections engages visitors through sight, sound, and hands-on activities that reveal the science and technology behind the houses we build and the care and planning that goes into the communities we create.

Blue Rhino Design also assisted the SSC with the smooth fabrication and installation of this project.