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Alice Munro Museum

Alice Munro Partnership Group

In 2013, Canadian short story writer Alice Munro was honoured with the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Swedish Academy called her the “master of the contemporary short story” for a literary career that at that time counted 14 short story collections. Alice Munro’s stories explored small town life and drew heavily from her own upbringing in North Huron County. Her community wanted to find a way to honour Alice Munro and attract visitors to the area. A small exhibit and garden were created to celebrate her life and writing but the community wanted to do more.

In September 2014, Blue Rhino Design in partnership the economic development research firm WCM Consulting were engaged by The Township of North Huron’s Alice Munro Partnership Group to undertake a feasibility study to explore the opportunities to establish an Alice Munro Museum. As well, we were to identify the curatorial voice as it relates to Alice Munro, her early years, her short stories, and writing in general.

Our final report suggested potential museum locations, recommendations for educational goals and visitor experiences, and various ways to draw local and distant visitors to the museum.

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