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Energy and Innovation


In early 2014, Blue Rhino Design was engaged by TELUS Spark in Calgary, Alberta to design a 3,000 square foot exhibit cluster for their Energy and Innovation Gallery focusing on electricity. The purpose of the new cluster was to provide visitors with skills development and fundamental electricity knowledge by engaging them in fun, hands-on, challenging activities.

Blue Rhino Design collaborated with TELUS Spark and a contractor team to develop, pilot, and prototype the exhibit concepts and activities. The final exhibits include: Communal Cell Phone Battery; Telegraph; Power the Rivalry (Sustainable Dance Floor); Explain Your Electricity Bill; Be the Grid Operator; Maps; Doc Brown Wall; Whimshurst Generator; and Get Shocked.

Our design documents were included in a package to solicit fabrication sources and, along with TELUS Spark, our team oversaw the fabrication and installation of the new exhibit cluster.

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