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Illusuak Cultural Centre

The Nunatsiavut Government

In spring 2016, Blue Rhino Design was delighted to win the design-build contract to create the exhibit gallery for the Illusuak Cultural Centre in Nain, Nunatsiavut. The 3,500 square foot centre serves as a regional showcase to promote awareness, appreciation, and respect for Labrador Inuit history and culture. 

Under the guidance and direction of staff and through numerous consultations with community members, subject experts, and the Inuit Advisory Council, we designed and developed a suite of exhibits that complied with Illusuak’s mandate that the centre be for Labrador Inuit, about Labrador Inuit, and by Labrador Inuit.  

Exhibits include first person historical accounts; contemporary and traditional arts, crafts, and activities; family photos; Inuttitut language games; archaeological objects and history; and more. Everything was delivered in the voice of Labrador Inuit and presented in an aesthetic style that reflected their historical homeland.

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