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Mathematics Gallery

Hefei Science and Technology Museum

In 2019 Blue Rhino Design was hired by the Hefei Science and Technology Museum in Hefei, China to develop a gallery that explores the deep connection between mathematics and science. Our aim was to bring mathematics to life by making it visible and tangible to visitors of all ages, using examples from the natural and physical sciences, engineering, and the social sciences.

To achieve this, we incorporated direct, hands-on physical interactions that demonstrate the connection between mathematics and science; we connected the subject to our visitors' everyday lives, emphasizing the relevance of both math and science; and we created compelling visualizations and dynamic digital activities that reveal the hidden mathematics that drive phenomenon and make them understandable.

We designed 39 exhibits spanning a range of themes, including: Foundational Mathematics; Mathematics and the Laws of Physics; Mathematics and Engineering; Mathematics and Society; Mathematics and Aesthetics; and The Journey to Becoming a Mathematician.

Additionally, we created 13 supplementary curriculum-connected activities tailored for school groups visiting the gallery.

The gallery opened in November 2023.

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