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Octopus Park

Vanke China Group

In January 2015, Vanke China Group engaged Blue Rhino Design to design a 9,000 square foot indoor children’s discovery centre within a new shopping mall in Guangzhou, China. In a very compressed time period, the Blue Rhino Design team created innovative, open-ended experiences for children from 2 to 12 years old. 

Octopus Park consists of 20 bilingual exhibits organized into nine themed clusters. Exhibits include a water table, a robot demonstration, a music studio, a Lego Mindstorms workshop, and a build-your-own roller coaster activity. The exhibits are designed to provide children with the opportunity to learn through play.

The Blue Rhino Design team met with representatives from Vanke China Group in order to understand their objectives and to learn about the Chinese education system. This allowed us to ensure that the exhibition’s design and activities complemented the education system’s curriculum.

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