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Voices of Grey Gallery

Grey Roots Museum and Archive

In 2017, as part of a museum modernization initiative, Blue Rhino Design was engaged by the Grey Roots Museum and Archive to develop a new contemporary Thematic Approach to this rural county museum and to design, develop, and deliver the central exhibit cluster.

Working closely with Grey Roots staff, we updated the museum’s themes from a typical “pioneer and farmer” museum to one that better represents Grey County’s history and diversity. Through this work we developed the centrepiece exhibit, “Voices of Grey”, giving it a modern look and feel that brings this traditional museum into the 21st century.

Voices of Grey features people – some famous, others not – whose stories showcase Grey County’s diversity and serve as entry points to some of the broad topics addressed in the surrounding gallery. The stories are told through the voices of the people themselves via diary entries, quotes, oral accounts, social media posts, and audio and video recordings.  

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