Outdoor Iconic Exhibits

Beijing Science Centre


Beijing, China




Design Proposal


Sisgoin Beijing / Sheng Shiguang Shadow Science Promotions Ltd.

Part of Blue Rhino Design’s international strategic alliance initiative is a collaboration agreement with a Chinese firm specializing in the fabrication of science museum exhibits, Sisgoin Beijing / Sheng Shiguang Shadow Science Promotions Ltd. In 2014, Blue Rhino Design created three iconic exhibits in response to an international call for a preliminary design plan. The designs were inspired by the physics of waves and vibrations: Wind Waves, Water Waves, and Sound Waves.

“Wind Waves” is an iconic interactive dynamic wave sculpture that moves with the wind, rain or by the actual physical intervention of visitors. “Water Waves” invites visitors to power a fountain by pedalling bicycles. Pedalling makes the fountain’s sine wave move from left to right. The faster the pedalling, the more people pedalling, the faster the motion of the sine wave.  The “Sound Waves” Interactive People Garden consists of Theremins embedded in giant statues that visitors can interact with to create collaborative music.